Funny Facebook Status

ben laughs at people who put vague facebook statuses that are written to get comments. something like: “Yeah, alright!” – it’s like they are writing “please ask me why I am happy”

Ben Pines took the “Are you spending too much time in Facebook” quiz and the result is “No – You should spend much more time”. Ben shot the computer.

Ben gave the “Which type of woman are you?” quiz and the result is: Ma’ Kind Baby!

Ben is very confused about yesterday. I do love shrimp! getting frustrated with waiting for the answer. (this is a example of an obscure secret facebook status, which is written for a girl that doesn’t answer your calls, and causes all people other than her to go – “huh??” after reading it)

I warn you - some of those statuses are hilarious but dangerous to use freely!

Ben went from being “single” to “super single sad and lonely”.

Ben wonders what will happen when polish mothers start reading facebook statuses : “What do you mean you feel lonely? Your father and I are very worried…”

Ben is benning the benny ben with the help of his close ben.

Ben is attending “Ben is lonely and needs a friend. This is not a joke event I’m actually crying right now!” Confirmed Guests (0), Maybe Attending (0), Awaiting Reply (8), Not Attending (659)

Carmen Electra just became a fan of Ben Pines.

Ben Commented on Shani Ofek’s pussy : “nice”

Ben is having a party in his pants.
Ben has found love in facebook. She is from bangladesh and “wan day will reash amehica”.
Ben has just made love with a sheep and hope it doesn’t reach facebook.

Ben owns youtube, facebook, gmail, messenger and microsoft office. Now will you go out with me?

Ben urges you to twitter right!

Really funny one (said in a french accent): Ben wants to know if you recognize that youtube low for men. (sounds like “you too blow for men”).

Ben’s mom asked to clean his email account. he answered: “Gee, ma, I’ll do it later!” it sounded like “G-ma-il do it later!”

Ben has a messege to messenger – stop appearing automatically when I start my computer!

Ben logged in and saw you logged in. Then I logged off and logged in 2 hours again – you were still logged in. Get A Life! … OK yeah I was logged in all this time too. (feel shame)

Ben has just commented on you stats 3 minutes ago

If anyone uses these statuses please comment and give me your facebook name so I can find you and see the reactions of your friends!

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